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Dybuster Orthograph

Dybuster Orthograph is the learning system for orthography with simple use and high, scientifically proven effectiveness - even for people with dyslexia.

Learning to spell - made easy!

  • Learning games built on neurological principles
  • Independent, computer-guided training
  • Scientifically proven high rates of success

Home Use

  • From the first primary year up to secondary level
  • Children train independently at the computer
  • Install the program as many times as you want
  • Parents can review their child's training online at any time

School Use

  • From the first primary year up to secondary level
  • Tailored writing practice
  • Programmes in English, German and French
  • Add as many of your own words as you want

Tailored Learning for Children and Young People

  • Training that adapts to the needs of the child
  • Mistakes are analysed as soon as they are made
  • Learning content is adjusted accordingly
  • Automatic repetition of words promotes long-term retention

Progress Monitoring for Parents and Teachers

  • "Coach" monitoring program
  • Available for free
  • Check progress online at any time
  • Lessons studied and progress are clearly displayed

Your Own Content

  • Create your own word lists
  • Automatic recordings for all words
  • Unlimited creativity
  • Training of foreign languages

Dybuster Orthograph contains:

  • 8 000 words with recordings
  • Supervised and unsupervised training
  • Making your own recordings
  • Vocaboum Coach for parents to supervise their child's learning progress

The license allows using Dybuster Orthograph for one student user on as many computers as you like during the duration of the selected license. Once the license expires, it can be renewed.

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