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Typing Pal 6

The comprehensive, varied approach to teaching typing skills.

Renowned for being simple, fast and user-friendly, Typing Pal is geared towards beginners and experts alike. After grading you based on a test, Typing Pal allows you to pick the lesson best suited to your needs, your goals and your free time. Fifteen short sessions are all it takes to learn the basics of typing. What’s more, Typing Pal’s inspector monitors your typing in other software (such as word processors and email programs) and suggests personalized exercises to help improve your performance.

For WordQ's users, your ability to write faster with a keyboard will improve your writing efficiency and your capacity to share your ideas with written words and texts. 


  • A Customized Course - Thanks to the grading test, determine the framework and goals of your learning. Make quick and efficient progress with our specific, tailor-made exercises.
  • A Quick and Simple Method - Step by step, learn the basics of typing in a matter of hours. Build on your technique using 100 exercises and dictations.
  • Engaging Animations - A series of colorful, entertaining animations will captivate your attention and stimulate learning.
  • Detailed Statistics - In just one click, check your statistics to see how you’re doing.
  • A Personalized Approach - Compile your results in order to develop your own personalized set of exercises and improve on specific weaknesses.
  • A Customizable Working Environment - Easily add your own texts. Personalize your typing method, for example, allowing for a physical impairment. Create several password-protected user accounts.

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