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The only spelling training software with scientifically-proven results

Dybuster Orthograph is the software of choice for dyslexic students. Its thousands of users confirm it, with an average improvement of 33% in spelling!

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The key tool for parents and teachers having kids facing a learning disability in writing or reading.

3 training sessions of 15 minutes per week is enough to a dyslexic child or dysorthographic to independently improve their spelling and reading.

Dybus… what?

Developed by a team of neuroscientists, Dybuster's software help students overcome learning disabilities or "dys" - hence the name dy-buster. These disorders include the dyslexia (reading difficulties), dysorthography (spelling problems), dysgraphia (disorders writing) and dyscalculia (learning disorders with numbers and calculations).

How does it work?

The language consists of unique sounds. Once written, these unique sounds are represented by letters and groups of letters.

The Dybuster Orthograph software facilitates representation of the spoken and written language, through colors, shapes, structures and sounds.

  • The trainings are customized and adapted to each child
  • Repetition facilitates the acquisition of knowledge
  • Errors are immediately acknowledged and explained
  • Word modules are short and motivating

Unleash your child's reading, writing and math skills

Dybuster Orthograph assist the brain in developing specialized brain areas by automatically adjusting to each child and by allowing the brain to tap into more resources thanks to multi-sensory learning.

Dybuster Orthograph in action

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Individualize training

Children are training alone independently. Dybuster Orthograph then takes care to guide them and personalize their profile.

Fast and sustainable progress

University studies show significant progress for most children.

Accessible everywhere

We can train both at home and at school, on a computer or a tablet*.

Add your own word list

Build the modules and the learning journey of your students according to your priorities or their difficulties.

Designed by neuroscientists

Developed based on the latest research breakthroughs in neuroscience and education.

Supervision with Coach

Free with all licenses, Dybuster Orthograph Coach provides parents and professionals with a complete data platform allowing modifications and adaptations.

Detailed list of characteristics

  • Over 4 600 words with audio recording
  • Possibility of adding your own vocabulary words
  • Possibility of making your own audio recordings
  • Available in PC or Mac version
  • Quebec: adapted French and English content available
  • Europe: French narration provided
  • Courses also available in English and German
  • Motivation, motivation, motivation!
  • Quebec: uses the MELS spelling list
  • Europe: uses a list of adapted words
  • 6 or 12 month subscriptions
  • 1 subscription = 1 profile
  • Unlimited installation, anywhere!
  • Requires an internet connection
  • Licenses for classes and schools
  • Training available
  • Easy management of users
  • Encourages inclusive education
  • Allows for systematic progress
  • Neuroscientifically-proven
  • Dybuster Orthograph Coach
  • Detailed statistics for each user
  • Automatic issuance of reports
  • Automatic issuance of certificates
  • Individual training statistics
  • Modification of word lists
  • Graphical representation of difficulties
  • Every attempt is recorded
  • Emulation system with virtual shop
  • All updates included

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Types of licenses

Volume and class licenses

Allows use for multiple students, the class and volume licenses offer excellent price per student ratio.

School license

Allows unlimited use by all students at school and at home. The school license provides the best price per student ratio!

Licence for groups

Whether it is for your school board or academy, licenses are available to allow all of your students to benefit from the advantages that come with using Dybuster Orthograph.

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