Privacy policy

CLÉO MONDE SA reserves the right to amend these privacy terms at any time in accordance with the Privacy and Personal Data Protection laws in force.


CLÉO MONDE SA, the entity in charge of processing information, highly values your privacy. Although most of the information found on the website can be accessed without providing personal data, the latter may be required in certain situations.

By providing personal data on the Website, you shall grant CLÉO MONDE SA an explicit authorization to process these data in accordance with the Luxembourg Privacy and Personal Data Protection laws. Personal data shall be collected and processed in order to deliver the needed service, guarantee the management and update of customer files, as well as to inform you about updates on existing services/products and new products/services provided by CLÉO MONDE SA.

Your personal data shall be transmitted, for the same purpose, only to companies part of the CLÉO MONDE SA and, where required, to the group’s clients/customers or suppliers. Upon simple request to the Website administrator, you shall be sent a list containing the details of the other CLÉO MONDE SA companies and customers/clients having received your personal data. You shall have the right to access, check and correct your personal data. You can object, at any time and without any special motivation, to the use of your personal data for the purposes of informing you about updates on existing CLÉO MONDE SA services/products or new ones. You only have to contact the Website administrator for that purpose.

The Website shall use cookies. A Cookie is a file (with an arbitrary combination of letters and numbers) that the server sends to your browser, and which is saved onto your computer. A cookie will ease your visit to our Website, as you will not need to always introduce yourself (your language choice and identification details are stored). Cookies are used only to deliver or ease the delivering of a needed service. Most of them work only as long as you are on the website, and none contains information which would make you contacted by telephone, e-mail or snail-mail.

You may set your browser to notify you any time Cookies are installed, or block their installation. Nevertheless, if you block the installation of Cookies, CLÉO MONDE SA cannot ensure that communications will be transmitted or all services provided.