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In less than 15 minutes, everyone understands how to use WordQ to improve themselves and achieve the results they deserve!

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Easy, simple and fast!

In a few minutes, students of all ages use WordQ confidently to achieve their full potential.

An adaptable profile in multiple languages

As it is used, the software evolves and allows users to read and write more and more efficiently in English, in French, in Spanish, even in German!

A catch-all tool

The WordQ toolbar integrates itself with software and with popular websites in order to improve users' skills in all areas.

Word prediction

This intuitive software allows users to write all their ideas without working in their place.

Speech feedback

Reading what you are writing or reading aloud allows you to avoid errors and to better understand and correct yourself.

PDF application within WordQ 5

Opens PDF documents for accessible reading and writing with the full functionality of WordQ working.


WordQ allows you to progress and improve your results.

WordQ allows rapid progress for the majority of users without ever replacing the student.

Many people trust WordQ

WordQ is the most used and appreciated reading and writing assistive software in Canada and elsewhere in the world.

  • 3 000 000 Students have access
  • 5 500 Schools
  • 550 Professional partners
  • 12 Years of development

New in WORDQ 5: an integrated PDF reader!

Digital books or texts in PDF, WordQ 5 can now read all readable PDF documents.


Consult our resources section (in French only)

In order to make your use of the tool easier and to receive answers to your questions, consult our resources section which contains a large amount of information on our products.

WordQ SpeakQ

Detailed list of characteristics

  • Compatible with Windows and Mac (WordQ)
  • Advanced word prediction
  • The right word predicted quickly
  • Easy to add new words
  • Examples of word usage
  • Can be used in French, English or German (Europe only)
  • Lists of subject words to personalize WordQ
  • 1 to 9 predicted words to choose from
  • Predicts the following word in the sentence
  • Selection of words by mouse or by keyboard
  • Excellent speech synthesis
  • A number of different voices available
  • Possibility of modifying pronunciation
  • Possibility of modifying reading speed
  • Add pauses between words (Mac)
  • Allows users to hear spelling errors
  • Allows users to hear punctuation errors
  • Navigate between sentences and paragraphs
  • French and English voices available
  • German voices available (Europe)
  • English version included
  • Anglophone voices included
  • Perfect for the school environment
  • Never replaces the student
  • Allows users to circumvent difficulties
  • Simple and fast installation
  • Can be understood and used in 15 minutes
  • Adapts to each user
  • Improves for each user
  • Like an electronic pencil

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Learning troubles

Dyslexia, dysorthographia, dysphasia, dyspraxia. Thanks to WordQ, millions of students can circumvent these obstacles with a tool that is adapted to their reality.

Reading and writing difficulties

Leaving your comfort zone in writing and having access to immediate feedback on what you write: just 2 of the advantages of using WordQ on a daily basis.

Second languages

In a second language, writing difficulties abound. With WordQ, you can progress much more quickly!

Pedagogical activities

For all the students in the class, using WordQ can be enriching for writing, studying or using new words.

For adults

WordQ is a software that is used by the young as much as it is by adults: in any case it allows its users to improve their written expression.

Orthopedagogy and speech therapy

In a re-education context, WordQ allows students to express themselves in written form while improving their basic skills.

Perfect for schools

There are many reasons to use Dybuster Orthograph in school, and thousands of schools across the world have understood this.

A simple tool

Designed to be user-friendly for everyone, WordQ is a software that is quickly mastered by students and teaching staff.

Does not replace the student

WordQ's word prediction is designed to allow the student to express his or her ideas in written form, but without ever doing this in his or her place. The student must always make a choice and the predicted words are based on what the student writes.

Voice recognition

Use the power of voice recognition to allow your students to express their ideas in written form, but with their voices.

There are many good reasons to use WordQ+SpeakQ at school. Here are some of them!

Its extreme simplicity hides a world of possibilities for learners of all ages! Achieving one's full potential has never been this easy!

Types of licenses

Volume license

The volume license allows you to install WordQ on more than one computer at an attractive price.

School license

Allows unlimited installation on all your institution's computers and provides registered students with user privileges at home. An unbeatable quality/ price ratio!

Group licenses

Whether it is for your school board or academy, licenses are available to allow all of your schools to have access to WordQ+SpeakQ.