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A multilingual scanner pen to improve reading

The « C-Pen » scanner pen is a technological discovery and a true savior for those with reading difficulties, such as dyslexia. The « C-Pen » is an all-portable, pocket-size device that recites text written using high-quality speech synthesis.

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The C-Pen to the rescue

The "C-Pen" scanner pen is a technological breakthrough and a true savior for those with reading difficulties, such as dyslexia. The "C-Pen" is an all-portable, pocket-size device that reads text out aloud with a human-like digital voice.

The C-Pen in action


Fonctions principales

Reading printed documents

Optical recognition of characters of high-precision, allowing to read aloud or record text.

Reading aloud in real time

Offers you an English voice ( French and Spanish also available). Use it to help you read.


Can be used for reading texts in French, English or Spanish.


Uses electronic dictionaries of very high quality. All you have to do is select a word and your C-Pen Reader will automatically show its definition.

Voice notes

In addition to all its other functions, the C-Pen Reader comes equipped with a microphone that allows you to record voice notes.

USB key

1GB of storage space is available. Enough space to store a backup of your documents or other important files.

A tool with multiple talents

The scanner pen also offers you an integrated dictionary. Simply pass the tip of the pen over a word. The definition will be automatically displayed and the word read aloud. The device is also a scanner, allowing students, teachers and professionals to select the necessary information and download it directly to a computer (Mac or Windows).

The scanner pen is small and weighs only 50g. This allows both adults and younger students (8 years and older) to use it. No software is required. Simply connect the pen to a computer using a USB cable and it becomes an external hard drive. Also, the scanner pen has an integrated voice recorder with continuous playback.

Content in the box

  • Scanner pen
  • Earphones
  • Practical case for easy transportation
  • USB cable
  • Instruction manual

Appreciated by all

Used in many schools and organizations internationally, the C-Pen was largely appreciated for its simplicity and efficiency.

Sight Concern
Domine Nos Dirige - City of London
Summerville Public Schools
Beau Soleil Collège Alpin International

It is obvious to me that this tool will allow many of my students to gain time and will help them read certain guidelines or short documents.

Carol, Remedial teacher in Québec
GESS Education Awards Finalist 2016
bett Awards 2017 - Finalist

The C-Pen for schools

The C-Pen is also available for schools. It allows students to read exam questions in French, English, Spanish. Students with dyslexia or reading difficulties can do their exam independently, knowing that they will be able to read and understand the questions.

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Also available in a set set of 10 scanner pens.

C-Pen Reader

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  • Scanning
  • OCR treatment
  • Multilingual (FR, EN, ES)
  • Integrated speech synthesis
  • Replay of scanned sentences
  • Integrated Dictionary
  • Tape recorder and voice notes
  • Memory ("USB key" mode)