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Upgrade WordQ 4 to WordQ 5 (Windows and Mac)


Quillsoft (the editor of WordQ) will release an update of WordQ 5 in the next few weeks to adapt it to Apple's new system [macOS 10.15 Catalina]. Until then, we recommend that you wait before upgrading to Catalina.


Designed for people with writing difficulties. Works in all the most popular applications, emails, web browsers, etc. WordQ is a tool that combines word prediction and voice feedback. Easily avoid, find and correct mistakes.

Number of installations allowed:

  • The download version allows from 1 to 3 installations, depending on the product chosen, for the same user.


This upgrade product is reserved for individual WordQ 4 licensees only. If you do not have a WordQ 4 license, please visit the following page: https://mathetmots.com/ca-en/boutique/produit/65/wordq-5-windows-and-mac.

System requirements

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