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WordQ+SpeakQ 4 (Windows)

The simplest, most efficient and most popular writing and reading assistive software

In less than 15 minutes, everyone understands how to use WordQ to improve themselves and achieve the results they deserve!

With SpeakQ, use your voice to write with this easy to use voice recognition writing tool.

SpeakQ plug-in software enhances WordQ with simple, speech-to-text functionality. At any time you have the choice of typing with the keyboard, using word prediction, or speaking straight into your text. Speech recognition and word prediction are integrated to enhance the effectiveness of each other

Easy, simple and fast!

In a few minutes, students of all ages use WordQ confidently to achieve their full potential.

An adaptable profile

As it is used, the software evolves and allows users to read and write more and more efficiently!

A catch-all tool

The WordQ toolbar integrates itself with software and with popular websites in order to improve users' skills in all areas.

Word prediction

This intuitive software allows users to write all their ideas without working in their place.

Speech feedback

Reading what you are writing or reading aloud allows you to avoid errors and to better understand and correct yourself.

Voice recognition engine

Use your voice to express your ideas and thoughts. Easy, simple and made for people with difficulties. 

Perfect for second languages

Can be used both in English and in French. Even in German (Europe)! It is ideal for improving your writing skills.

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