Price list

Terms and conditions

For schools, the annual subscription includes:

  • Use anywhere and anytime, especially at school and at home.
  • Free use for all teaching staff.
  • The latest version and backup data on Dybuster's servers.
  • Access to Dybuster Orthograph Coach et Calcularis Coach.

License types

Individual license

A single license can not be transferred from one student to another during the subscription period.

Subscription lenght Orthograph Calcularis Orthograph & Calcularis
6 months $85 $85 $144.50
1 year $149 $149 $253.50

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Volume license

Annual fee

Students may come from different classes and be mentored by several teaching staff.

Prices for Dybuster Orthograph and Calcularis are the same. A combination for a discount does not exist. The minimum number of users is 5. The minimum price is $375.

Orthograph Calcularis Orthograph & Calcularis
Price per student $75 $75 $150

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School license (unlimited)

Annual fee

The school's size is calculated according to the number of students enrolled in the institution. The school license allows use with all students in the school , both at school and at home. For highschools, it is possible to be limited to a single cycle.

Number of subscribed students Orthograph Calcularis Orthograph & Calcularis
99 and fewer $995 $995 $1,492
100 and more $1,950 $1,950 $2,925

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Additional courses

Dybuster Orthograph's licenses contain a vocabulary in English. Courses in French and German are available for training in a second language.

Adding words

It is possible to adapt Dybuster Orthograph using your own word lists. With the purchase of a class or school license, if you wish, we can add your word lists in Dybuster Orthograph at no additional cost (an Excel list must be provided).